Aquarium Services

From installation to maintenance to a bespoke design, Ocean Life Aquatics can provide the perfect solution for your aquarium needs.

Commercial Aquariums

An aquarium can transform the look of a commercial space dramatically. A strategically placed aquarium at the office lobby, restaurant or retail shop can give the place a distinct personality. Fish tanks are also known for their calming effect, creating a conducive environment for the different people who visit a particular area. At Ocean Life Aquatics, we specialise in commercial aquariums and tanks for diverse requirements.

Aquarium Rental

We stock a wide choice of different shape and size fish tanks for short term rental. From rectangular to cylinder tanks, we even have a large tall photo booth aquarium. Our event aquariums are available to hire for as little time as just a few hours. Especially suited for corporate events, Tv and media, conference or weddings. From our vast stock of decorations our rental fish tanks can be themed to your requirements. Please email us providing as much detail as possible of your requirements, and with a date you’d like the fish tank.

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About Us

Ocean Life Aquatics is a well established aquarium services company offering custom fish tank design, installation, fish tank rental and aquarium maintenance service. Our integrated aquarium services are available in Manchester and the surrounding areas. Furthermore, we also operate in Cheshire, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Newcastle and Gateshead. Additionally, we operate internationally to provide luxury aquarium design.