Spawnings in progress

Posted on Thursday July 14, 2016

Marine animals, and particularly bony fish, commonly reproduce by broadcast spawning. This is an external method of reproduction where the female releases many unfertilised eggs into the water. At the same time, a male or many males release a lot of sperm into the water which fertilises some of these eggs.

It’s not often that we arrive to perform fish tank cleaning to find 2 spawnings in progress.

Whilst performing aquarium cleaning in Bury today we noted that our clients pair of golden damsels had spawned and attached their eggs to the rear of the tank. We were very careful to clean around the eggs so as not to disturb them.

Also, our clients giant clam started spawning. The clam is a large 10″ long Derasa which we originally supplied to a previous customer at only 3″ long. After a few years that client shut down their tank and so we moved the clam to its existing home where it has continued to grow rapidly.
It may have been our aquarium cleaning that triggered the spawning as our client says he has never seen it happen before.
Because of the risk that a spawning can drop oxygen levels we made some minor adjustments to the aquariums filtration system in order to boost O2 levels.