Short Term Fish Tank Hire in Manchester

Posted on Friday October 7, 2016

 Short Term Aquarium Rental

A recent commission to provide a short term fish tank hire for a 2 day ‘pop up’ event to raise awareness of Thomas Cooks recent launch of a direct flight from Manchester to Tobago. This event was to take place within one of the open malls at Manchester’s Trafford Centre.
The brief for this project was to create a unique experience for visitors to the event. Thus, a photo booth fish tank was proposed. The aquarium design was tall so that visitors would be able to stand behind it, and take fun photos giving an underwater appearance to the photograph. Free to enter fun games and competitions were held all day long.
The custom aquarium installation took place through the night at the Trafford Centre ensuring it was ready for use on time the next day. A bleary eyed Ocean Life team finally finished at 4am the morning of the event!
In summary, the event was a great success with the fish tank attracting lots of attention and lots of photos being taken.
short term fish tank hire
Our clients fish tank design proposal


aquarium rental service
Our rental tank in position

Short Term Fish Tank Hire

Designed for public use, the custom aquarium tank is manufactured from 30mm thick acrylic. Acrylic is a very strong material as well as being very clear. This makes it ideal for a public showcase aquarium. Furthermore, complete stability is ensured via a fully welded steel frame.

Housed within this short term fish tank hire were over 50 peacock cichlid fish. Uniquely, these fish are very colourful and especially active. Thus, giving a nice attractive display. We supply an Ocean Life technician to be on hand during the day to monitor the fishes welfare and ensure filtration is functioning correctly. Upon the event finishing, the tank is removed by our team and the fish are then rested for a period of 2 days in our own dedicated holding tanks.

fish tank hire
Cichlid fish
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