Benefits of a Built in Wall Aquarium

Posted on Monday July 3, 2017

A large part of our companies work involves not only designing custom fish tanks, but also installing them into walls in both homes and businesses.

There are a number of benefits that a built in wall aquarium brings over a traditional fish tank and cabinet combo.

Lack of Space?

Probably the most obvious is the space that is saved by not having your fish tank sitting within your room. Most aquariums in the UK sit on top of a cabinet which is usually located up against a wall. An in wall aquarium on the other hand does not take up any room space what so ever. The entire tank set up is completely contained within the borders of your wall. This gives the option of having a large fish tank in your home or business without compromising on floor space.


Through wall aquarium
Fish tank we installed in Cheshire


Your Existing Wall or Refurbishing your Property?

Wall fish tanks can be installed within an existing wall without a problem as long as the wall in not structural. Where a wall is load bearing, a structural surveyor and builder are required to perform the necessary works to prepare the wall before installation.

However, where a house or business is being built or refurbished is where things get exciting! New works to your property provide an ideal blank canvas to accommodate a wall aquarium with compromise. And because the tank is then drawn into plans, the final product is a wall aquarium that sits cleanly within your property.

Home aquarium
A marine aquarium we installed in an alcove space in Derbyshire


Into a Wall or Alcove?

Your wall fish tank might be built into an alcove such as the above photo. If this is the case and the tank sits against an external wall. The rear and side panes of the aquarium are finished with a bonded colour.

However, if your built in wall fish tank is housed between 2 rooms the front and rear panes are left clear. A great benefit of this type of aquarium is not only being able to see through your wall. But that the tank allows extra light into both rooms. In effect the aquarium is a living window.

Fish tank installer
Another wall fish tank installed in Essex


Keeping it Tidy

A through wall aquarium requires maintenance like any other fish tank. To provide access for this, you will require doors or hatches that open out. These doors are usually required above the tank to allow access into it. And below the tank to access the aquariums filtration system. For smaller tanks, filters housed inside the aquarium might be acceptable and therefore no doors are required below the tank.

Saltwater built in wall tank
1100 Litre in wall fish tank we installed with access above and below the tank.

Most Wall aquariums will only need access to one side of the tank. The opposite side can be finished to your choosing which keeps this side looking really clean.

To aid in maintaining your aquarium our fish tank maintenance service offers a bespoke cleaning service tailored to your requirements.


Aquarium builder and installer
The same 1100 litre tank viewed from the front with picture frame finish


Are you interested in creating a built in wall aquarium in your home or business?

We are aquarium installers and have a wealth of experience with bespoke fish tanks. We also aquarium cleaners and can fully maintain your fish tank.


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