Considerations for Aquarium Installation

Posted on Tuesday May 22, 2018

Aquariums are known to be a wonderful hobby; they provide us with hours of restful and beautiful entertainment. They can also be an excellent way for kids to learn about ecosystems, plus they can help in relieving everyday life stress.

Here are some of the things you should take into consideration when planning an aquarium installation:

Fish Type and Start-up Cost

Typically, keeping aquarium fish has quite a high start-up cost. That’s mostly because of all the equipment required to provide the fishes with the right environment. Purchasing the lights, aquarium, filters plus other essentials can end up adding up fast if you aren’t careful. The fish themselves range from affordable to high-priced for rare or special species. For a starting freshwater fish enthusiast, the normal startup cost ranges from around 150 pounds and higher, depending on the equipment and the type of fish selected. Marine tank setups and saltwater (marine) fish costs more than freshwater setups. The larger the tank, in both cases, the higher the cost of setups will be.

A regular tropical freshwater aquarium will safely support 1 inch of fish for every gallon of water. However, this is going to vary with the water surface area amount: more surface area typically allows more oxygen, which, in turn, supports more fish. Some fish are comfortable in bigger groups (schooling fish), while others may not like being in an aquarium with other fish of their species. Also, if they’re territorial like most marine fish are, they’ll require more room when you place them in the aquarium compared to the average 1-inch per gallon. Both freshwater and marine setups have drawbacks and benefits. Marine fish are more beautiful and colourful but need a higher level of expertise and care. Thus, freshwater aquariums are recommended for beginning fish enthusiasts because they are easy to maintain compared to marine aquariums since there’re fewer water parameters that you have to worry about.

Size and Placement of the Aquarium

A good way to decide the type and size of aquarium you want to buy is getting an idea of the type of fish that attracts you. Your choice is going to be restricted by where you want to place the tank plus your budget. But generally bigger is better because if you purchase a bigger aquarium than you believe you need initially, it will give you room for adding more fish later, in case you wish to do so. Also, the larger aquarium will have more water; this can help in diluting chemicals and other substances that could pollute your aquarium, causing illness in fish. Regardless of the size of the aquarium that you choose, ensure that you can place it where there is a level, strong, support surface plus where it isn’t in danger of being knocked over. Additionally, keep the aquarium away from doors, windows or heater vents since these can produce temperature fluctuations that are harmful. Moreover, proximity to windows isn’t recommended for aquariums, it can allow excess light into your tank, which leads to algae buildup. Consequently, you might find yourself battling a losing battle.

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