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Step by Step Guide on How to Add Tropical Fish to Your New Tank

We want to create a guide on how to add tropical fish to a new tank. As…

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Daily pH Cycle and Ammonia Toxicity

There are many variables to take into account if you wish to maintain a happy and healthy…

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An Extensive Guide on Culturing Rotifers" alt="">

An Extensive Guide on Culturing Rotifers

Keeping an aquarium means providing a food source for the organisms in it, and rotifers are some…

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An Overview of Tube Polyps_ Isaurus Coral" alt="">

An Overview of Tube Polyps: Isaurus Coral

Have you been hoping to improve the ambience of your aquarium? If so, the addition of certain…

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Why is it a Bad Idea to Dye Fish" alt="">

Why is it a Bad Idea to Dye Fish?

Although we are all aware that modern aquariums are quite pleasing to the eye, there are times…

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Best Algae Eaters" alt="">

Best Algae Eaters For The Freshwater Aquarium

There are many steps to consider if you wish to enjoy a clear and attractive freshwater aquarium.…

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A Guide on How To Measure co2 in Planted Tanks" alt="">

A Guide on How To Measure co2 in Planted Tanks

How to Measure Carbon Dioxide Levels in Planted Tanks Many aquariums contain numerous plants in order to…

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Reef Fish Tank Build and Install in Leeds

We've just provided our fish tank install service for this client in Leeds. The aquarium was installed…

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Ocean Life Aquatics Welcomes New Technician

We are very pleased to welcome our latest team member, Robbie How. Robbie is our latest aquarium…

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A Guide to Fish Tank Lighting" alt="">

A Guide to Fish Tank Lighting

Aquariums will provide you with hours of entertainment due to their tranquil and yet decidedly captivating nature.…

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