Fish Tank & Aquarium Design

Our experienced and knowledgeable team will bring your fish tank concept to reality via our aquarium design service.

  • Feasibility – advising on the most appropriate location for the aquarium within the clients home or business.
  • Design – from the numerous options available for aquarium shape, size and manufacture in either glass or acrylic. Detailed drawings are supplied to ensure accuracy is maintained. Our expert fish tank team are available for on-site meetings as required. Thus offering advice to not only the client but also any other third party trade involved with the aquarium design project.
  • Logistics – planning your aquarium installation. From initial tank delivery, site accessibility and tank placement.
  • Themes – guiding clients through the various choices available for their aquarium display. From goldfish or tropical fish to a dramatic live coral reef aquarium.
  • Filtration – we have vast experience with all manner of filtration systems and so are well placed to advise on different life support filtration systems. Methods of filtration include internal, external or sump based filter systems. With options such as automation and 24 hour remote monitoring systems.
  • Livestock – offering advice on individual species of livestock in order to compile a stocking list. The client is then given a stocking list and schedule.

Make a Statement with Bespoke Aquarium Designs

A well-designed aquarium can give a plain space a vibrant and beautiful ambience that makes you want to spend more time in it. Aquarium design has come a long way with specialists catering to all kinds of needs. We are some of the best solutions for bespoke aquariums. The experienced team of fish tank designers at Oceanlife Aquatics creates fish tanks in all types of designs. If you want a marine aquarium, which is the premium standard in fish keeping, then you can get it here. For a wall fish tank, you can opt to have an in-wall or freestanding installation. You can also get a modern fish tank that blends with your contemporary decor. We have various aquarium themes to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. You can request to have a coral reef, tropical or goldfish theme. Whatever your choice of fish tank, be confident that we will deliver a quality, durable and cost-efficient setup.

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Ideal Locations for Aquariums

A fish tank is only useful when positioned in the right place. It must be somewhere that gets it the attention it deserves without being a distraction or hindering movements. You can have an aquarium almost anywhere; it’s only a matter of correct placement. Our bespoke fish tanks are ideal for residential and commercial applications. In a domestic setting, you can have an aquarium in the kitchen, living room or hallway. For commercial environments, waiting rooms are the most popular areas to place fish tanks. Entrances and offices work too. Our commercial aquarium services are available for various locations, including restaurants, hotels, colleges and offices.

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Get the Best Fish Tanks Designs

Why should you consider Oceanlife Aquatics when buying a fish tank? We rely on our vast experience in fish tank design to create aquariums that bring out your vision. Whatever the shape, size or material of the tank, you can be certain that it complements the space. We consult with interior designers and architects to ensure that aquariums integrate into the existing design and decoration of the property. Whether you are getting float glass or acrylic fish tanks, we source the best material to guarantee durability.

Contact us for reasonably priced and reliable services in aquarium design, installation and maintenance. We are available throughout the UK.

Choosing the Perfect Aquarium Design for Your Home

Aquariums are an exciting addition to any home, business or event. Providing an essential calming atmosphere that can sometimes be absent; especially in a busy work environment. There’s something beautiful about watching the fish and appreciating their surroundings. Aquariums also provide an educational experience as well, especially for areas where children will visit. Understanding an aquarium and how everything interacts and works together, including the fish, is sometimes overwhelming. Really though, it’s simple!

Planning an Aquarium

Aquariums need a lot of planning. If something isn’t quite right the whole aquarium system can be compromised. From the measurements to the fish, everything must be perfect for an aquarium to thrive. Before you start, having an idea of whether a saltwater or freshwater aquarium would be best is a good idea. This is because a freshwater aquarium requires different things to a saltwater aquarium. Some fish also won’t survive in fresh/salt water. If it’s your first time keeping fish, then we’d recommend a tropical freshwater aquarium is a great place to start.

An aquarium is a delicate ecosystem in which the fish are the most important to consider. Some fish cannot live together, and certain species cannot live with others of its species. Every fish needs certain conditions. For example, tropical fish will require a heater to keep a specific water temperature. Imitating an ecosystem also requires consideration about oxygen flow. Live plants will supply oxygen but these can be tricky for beginners to succeed with. An alternative is to add an air pump and air stone to bubble air into your tank. Additionally, some filters have a air freature (Venturi) which adds air to the water.

Location is another essential thought process. Would it need to be seen from all angles? Would it need to be in a wall, small or large? Would it need a stand, or will it be a free-standing tank? There are so many things to consider when placing a tank. Of course, the aquatic landscape background will have to be decided on to. Lights also could be a great addition to any fish tank, but careful planning around position and type of light is essential.

Ornamentation of the aquarium is also important. The fish will want to feel at home. This means including their natural habitat into your decoration plans. Some fish love playing under and around rocks, while others appreciate privacy, sand or gravel. You can choose the ornamentation, but which ones you choose is heavily influenced by what fish you would like.

The more fish you want in your aquarium, the bigger it must be. Just like humans, fish require their own space. Especially if you want bigger species of fish, the aquarium needs to be much bigger. The start-up costs will seem a lot, but most of it will be one-time purchases. The overall running cost of an aquarium is low. The ongoing costs will include fish food, test kits, electric to keep everything on and cleaning materials. We highly recommend that every aquarium should have an appropriately sized filter.

Overall, there is a lot to consider creating the perfect aquarium. However, once that initial planning is sorted, it’s easy. Sit back and relax with the tranquil life of an aquarium. If you require professional help on your aquarium design, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts today.