Bespoke Tank & Aquarium Design

Our experienced and knowledgeable team will bring your fish tank concept to reality via our aquarium design service.

  • Feasibility – advising on the most appropriate location for the aquarium within the clients home or business.
  • Design – from the numerous options available for aquarium shape, size and manufacture in either glass or acrylic. Detailed drawings are supplied to ensure accuracy is maintained. Our expert fish tank team are available for on-site meetings as required. Thus offering advice to not only the client but also any other third party trade involved with the aquarium design project.
  • Logistics – planning your aquarium installation. From initial tank delivery, site accessibility and tank placement.
  • Themes – guiding clients through the various choices available for their aquarium display. From goldfish or tropical fish to a dramatic live coral reef aquarium.
  • Filtration – we have vast experience with all manner of filtration systems and so are well placed to advise on different life support filtration systems. Methods of filtration include internal, external or sump based filter systems. With options such as automation and 24 hour remote monitoring systems.
  • Livestock – offering advice on individual species of livestock in order to compile a stocking list. The client is then given a stocking list and schedule.