Cleaning a Large Custom Aquarium in Leeds

Posted on Monday February 15, 2016

Our first job of the week. Cleaning this large custom aquarium at a school in Leeds. This is an acrylic fish tank which makes it extremely tough and robust.

However, even though acrylic is more durable than glass, it is also softer than glass. This downside means it can be prone to scratching easily if not cleaned with the correct techniques.
We clean all our acrylic tanks with algae magnets, sponges and pads which are designed for use on acrylic. These are usually made of a softer material. Its recommended that you rinse your cleaning magnet/pad regularly whilst performing cleaning as even a build up of algae may cause light scratching.

For taking time and care of cleaning your acrylic tank, is the reward of seeing it sparkle with transparency that glass cannot replicate.

Small acrylic tanks are more costly than similar sized glass tanks. With larger acrylic tanks sometimes being more cost effective.

We can supply acrylic tanks of most shapes and sizes.
Please contact us with any design or idea you may have.