Our Aquarium installation service brings your initial design concept to reality.

Following an on-site visit to advise on feasibility, tank design and manufacture. Our team will expertly manage your fish tank installation throughout its process. Our technicians construct your aquarium system including all aspects of life support filtration, lighting and aqua-scaping. Once complete, the fish tank is allowed to mature, after which it becomes ready for the addition of livestock.

Your Aquarium Build

Most custom fish tanks are manufactured in our factory and delivered to site. We stock professional lifting tables that are capable of lifting tanks weighing up to 1 tonne. However, for very large or custom shaped tanks our expert craftsmen are available to build your aquarium on-site in your home or business.

We are expert aquarium builders, manufacturing our tanks in either glass or acrylic. Glass is most commonly used because it’s a cost effective option. Furthermore, we only build using Pilkington’s float glass. Optiwhite ultra clear glass is available. This low iron glass does not contain the green tint which standard float glass has.

We recommend acrylic for large tank builds where it’s strength and clarity are of great benefit.

All tanks have machine polished edges, providing a quality finish.