An aquarium can transform the look of a commercial space dramatically

A strategically placed aquarium in the office lobby, restaurant or retail shop can give the place a distinct personality. Fish tanks are also known for their calming effect, creating a conducive environment for the different people who visit a particular area. At Ocean Life Aquatics, we specialise in commercial aquariums and tanks for diverse business requirements.

We design, manufacture and install aquariums using modern technology and techniques.

Each aquarium design is tailored to our clients brief, budget and location. Numerous options are available for the tank size and shape, manufactured in glass or acrylic. Our engineers and technicians have worked with all types of businesses and understand what suits different settings. We create aquarium displays that attract attention and leave an impression.

Commercial fish tanks have to adhere to high standards, which we ensure with our rigorous quality control processes.

Every aquarium has to undergo these tests to ensure that the living environment is suitable for the organisms contained.

Performing these checks guarantees the longevity of your installation. Our experts dedicate their time to developing quality systems that complement commercial spaces. We use high-grade materials to manufacture tanks that will serve our clients without fail. Most commercial aquariums we supply are built on-site utilising various techniques and conforming to strict health and safety guidelines.

Ocean Life Aquatics is the right partner when you want a bespoke aquarium for a commercial application.

We have worked on many different projects over the years and amassed a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable to our clients.

If you have a specific theme in mind, our designers will listen and incorporate it into the tank display delivering you the wow factor.
From App controlled LED lighting, to high end automated filtration systems incorporating wave technology and 24 hour remote monitoring. We can accommodate all kinds of customisations for your commercial fish tank.
Each of our commercial aquarium installations can include our maintenance service. Giving peace of mind that your bespoke tank will be maintained to our very high standards. Whether it’s installation or maintenance, you benefit from our trained professionals who approach each project with vigour and passion.
If you are considering a commercial aquarium for your place of business, turn to Ocean Life Aquatics for superior quality installations and maintenance.


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