Tropical Wall Aquarium

900 litre tropical in wall aquarium housing live plants.
Recent completion build of a custom room dividing wall fish tank.
This wall aquarium is installed in Warrington, Cheshire.

Tropical Wall Aquarium in Cheshire -- the brief

The brief was to create a low maintenance, clean looking tropical set up with live plants. Our client requested a minimal display in terms of rock and wood. Therefore, the tank has a central aqua-scape with live plants in and around it.

The Aquarium

The bespoke tank measures 2.3 metres long X 45cm deep X 86cm high holding approximately 900 litres of water.

It utilises 5 powerful Radion LED lights controlled automatically to replicate natural sunlight. At the same time, if having a party or entertaining, our client can alter the lighting via an IPad. This is mounted into the wall next to the tank.
Furthermore, filtration equipment is installed underneath the aquarium. This provides a very clean look. Filtration consists of 2 large external canister filters. Additionally, the aquarium design also implements external heating with separate thermostatic control. Thus ensuring the fish tank temperature is controlled precisely all year round.

Access to the tank and filtration is from one side via doors above and below the aquarium. The opposite side of the tank faces the front door of the property so this has no access doors thus giving a clean, smooth finish.

Additional Info

We provide a monthly fish tank maintenance service which includes all aspects of cleaning, water changing, water testing and pruning of the live plants.

Interested in purchasing a room divider aquarium installed in your home or work place?

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