Aquarium Cleaning For Manchester Children’s Hospital

Posted on Monday May 29, 2017

A bank holiday provides our company a great opportunity to perform a major strip down service of this custom aquarium.
Located in the normally very busy entrance of Manchester’s children’s hospital. The hospital commissioned our company and we installed this bespoke fish tank over 2 years ago.

In addition to our fish tank installation, we supply an aquarium maintenance contract which provides cleaning of this fish tank twice per month. This keeps the tank in great condition.


Aquarium maintenance
Fish Tank undergoing Maintenance

However, twice per year, the tank undergoes a major service. Our technicians perform this service which comprises of a large water change, tank strip down, filter clean as well as other repairs that are required. A bank holiday or weekend is a nice quiet time at the hospital allowing us some extra space to perform these works.


Aquarium services provider
The Completed Fish Tank Clean


We have many clients that we provide our fish tank maintenance service in Manchester and the surrounding areas.






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