Aquatic Services on Footballers Water Fall

Posted on Friday July 14, 2017

Aquatic Services

It was our pleasure today to provide our aquatic services and bring back to life a great water feature.

We were asked by one of our existing premiership footballer clients to take a look at a waterfall in their garden. This large feature had not worked properly for some time and with summer (kinda) here they now wanted the waterfall back to its former glory.

The first task was to isolate power to the pumps and then find and dig up the pumps electrical junction box. Once this was completed the old, and very broken pumps were removed. The water reservoir is then emptied and any debris removed

Water feature servicing
Water feature servicing

This is a large water fall which requires an equally large amount of water flow to create a nice display.

To provide this we installed 2 modern, and very efficient pumps that are capable of pumping 16,ooo litres per hour each!

Once the new pumps and electrics were in place we could refill the reservoir and switch on the pumps bringing the water fall back to life.

Aquatic services
Water fall back up and running


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