Why is it a Bad Idea to Dye Fish?

Posted on Thursday March 19, 2020

Why is it a Bad Idea to Dye Fish

Although we are all aware that modern aquariums are quite pleasing to the eye, there are times when the notion of aesthetics may be taken too far. One trend which first began as far back as the 1980s involved applying dye to fish in order to create a stunning specimen to behold. Often known as “disco fish”, they displayed vibrant colours of blue, red, yellow, and even purple.

These fish are still marketed as “painted glassfish” to the public and yet, there is a bit more than initially meets the eye in terms of the dye itself.

Application Concerns

We should first make it a point to note that the dye application process is rather barbaric due to the fact that the colourant embedded via a series of injections.

This is quite ironic, as the fish themselves are quite small. Studies have likewise shown that fish which are dyed are more prone to specific diseases and viruses. We, therefore, need to consider another factor.

A Question of Morality

One of the myths which have been somewhat dispelled in recent times is the notion that fish are incapable of feeling pain. On the contrary, a sizeable number of studies seems to contradict this fact.

It is therefore clear that the application of dye could be thought of a cruel process on some levels.

The good news is that there are plenty alternatives if you are looking to obtain a visually stunning specimen.

The bottom line is that you should always choose a natural fish in order to make the most out of your home-based maritime environment.

To learn other tips and tricks when creating a beautiful aquarium, please feel free to contact a representative at Oceanlife Aquatics. There is no reason why dye should ever need to be involved.