Bespoke Built Acrylic Tanks

We have just delivered 5 of our bespoke built acrylic tanks for an advertising project with Clinique. We were commissioned to build Clinique bespoke built acrylic tanks which will promote one of Clinique’s beauty hydration products in a water feature display.
The tanks will be located in prominent positions in large shipping centres across the UK.

As well as supplying the acrylic tanks, we also supplied a scale model of Clinique’s product. These models were built and machined in wood and acrylic and look fantastic once painted and finished.
The models are supported via an acrylic rod which is secured into the base of the tank.

Custom acrylic model
Bespoke Scale Model

Once assembled, water is sprayed over the model via 2 pumps housed in the base of the tank. Lighting is supplied by LED’s which are mounted to the tank sides.

Bespoke acrylic aquarium


We are an acrylic tank supplier and build our tanks in all shapes and sizes. Please contact us if you require an acrylic tank cost.

Choosing the Perfect Aquarium Design for Your Home

Aquariums are an exciting addition to any home, business or event. Providing an essential calming atmosphere that can sometimes be absent; especially in a busy work environment. There’s something beautiful about watching the fish and appreciating their surroundings. Aquariums also provide an educational experience as well, especially for areas where children will visit. Understanding an aquarium and how everything interacts and works together, including the fish, is sometimes overwhelming. Really though, it’s simple!

Planning an Aquarium 

Aquariums need a lot of planning. If something isn’t quite right the whole aquarium system can be compromised. From the measurements to the fish, everything must be perfect for an aquarium to thrive. Before you start, having an idea of whether a saltwater or freshwater aquarium would be best is a good idea. This is because a freshwater aquarium requires different things to a saltwater aquarium. Some fish also won’t survive in fresh/salt water. If it’s your first time keeping fish, then we’d recommend a tropical freshwater aquarium is a great place to start.

An aquarium is a delicate ecosystem in which the fish are the most important to consider. Some fish cannot live together, and certain species cannot live with others of its species. Every fish needs certain conditions. For example, tropical fish will require a heater to keep a specific water temperature. Imitating an ecosystem also requires consideration about oxygen flow. Live plants will supply oxygen but these can be tricky for beginners to succeed with. An alternative is to add an air pump and air stone to bubble air into your tank. Additionally, some filters have a air freature (Venturi) which adds air to the water.

Location is another essential thought process. Would it need to be seen from all angles? Would it need to be in a wall, small or large? Would it need a stand, or will it be a free-standing tank? There are so many things to consider when placing a tank. Of course, the aquatic landscape background will have to be decided on to. Lights also could be a great addition to any fish tank, but careful planning around position and type of light is essential.

Ornamentation of the aquarium is also important. The fish will want to feel at home. This means including their natural habitat into your decoration plans. Some fish love playing under and around rocks, while others appreciate privacy, sand or gravel. You can choose the ornamentation, but which ones you choose is heavily influenced by what fish you would like.

The more fish you want in your aquarium, the bigger it must be. Just like humans, fish require their own space. Especially if you want bigger species of fish, the aquarium needs to be much bigger. The start-up costs will seem a lot, but most of it will be one-time purchases. The overall running cost of an aquarium is low. The ongoing costs will include fish food, test kits, electric to keep everything on and cleaning materials. We highly recommend that every aquarium should have an appropriately sized filter.

Overall, there is a lot to consider creating the perfect aquarium. However, once that initial planning is sorted, it’s easy. Sit back and relax with the tranquil life of an aquarium. If you require professional help on your aquarium design, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts today.

How a Wall Fish Tank Can Benefit Your Commercial Environment

Commercial wall fish tanks have gained a lot of popularity recently. You can easily find them in corporate offices, stores, restaurants and even hospitals. Adding a fish tank to your commercial environment creates a soothing atmosphere, which improves workers’ productivity.

Benefits of Installing an Aquarium in your Work Environment

There are thousands of fish species suitable for a wall fish tank. Each of these species has a distinct beauty, colour and shape. Keeping them in an office and other commercial environments enhance their style as well as brighten the space. Built in wall aquarium
Tanks and the Fish Require Minimal Care 

Unlike other pets, fish are easy to rear as they require the least care. Keeping other pets like dogs in an office may not be the best choice since they will require you to clean up their messes. Instead, fishes do not need you to clean for them or take them out for a walk. They are an excellent choice for any commercial premises.

Wall fish tanks are available in different types, but they all require little maintenance. While aquariums need a lot of care, fish tanks are simple and facilitate little cleaning.

You will also enjoy a quiet and serene indoor working environment when you choose to keep fishes as they don’t make noise.

They are known to Improve Workers’ Mood and Wellbeing 

The swaying of coral polyps and natural swimming motion made by the fish is relaxing. According to studies, individuals tend to get relaxed even by the presence of empty fish tanks in the room. It also reveals that their mood improves as soon as fish are added to the tanks.

In the commercial environment, wall fish tanks will excite the clients as they wait to be served. Similarly, in a working environment, the aquariums improve the mood of the employees as well as the customers making it simple to turn them into buyers. A relaxed client is highly likely to work with you compared to an uneasy one.

Research reveals that having a wall fish tank in an office reduces the occupants’ anxiety by approximately 12%. Reduced anxiety improves confidence and productivity. Furthermore, you reduce the risk of having high blood pressure when your workplace is relaxing.

wall fish tank
Directors Office Wall Aquarium


Where to Install a Fish Tank 

There are several commercial environments to set up a fish tank. These ideal places include;

• Hospitals – This calms the patients as they wait for medical services.

• Inside offices – Fish tanks are more soothing compared to photos and paintings thus will calm workers’ nerves and boost creativity.

• Restaurants – An aquarium brings class and elegance to a hotel.

• Bars – A stylish bar with a fish tank will entice more customers.

• Receptions –A fish tank at the entrance of a building enhances the image of the place.

• Spas – Keeping fish tanks in Spas areas boosts relaxation.

You should not miss the benefits of having a fish tank in your commercial places. Improve the workers’ productivity and creativity by installing an aquarium in their offices. The tanks are available in many varieties and are also very affordable.

We’re Hiring!! Aquarium Technician Required!

Following the continued growth of our company. We require another aquarium technician to add to our team.

The position is full time flexi hours, and the candidate must be located in the Manchester area. Due to the nature of the role the candidate must be able to work flexible hours.

As part of Ocean Life’s team, the successful candidate will be responsible for installing and maintaining clients aquariums in both residential and commercial premises. Tanks range from a simple goldfish bowl to a complex reef system.

The candidate must hold a clean, full UK driving license as the position requires travelling between clients. For which, a company vehicle will be provided.

Experience in aquatic husbandry is essential, as is the ability to problem solve and pay attention to detail.

The candidate must be able to perform heavy lifting on a regular basis and have a polite and punctual manner.

The successful candidate will start on a 3 month trial basis with salary dependent upon experience.


For a full job description please email your CV to


Considerations for Aquarium Installation

Aquariums are known to be a wonderful hobby; they provide us with hours of restful and beautiful entertainment. They can also be an excellent way for kids to learn about ecosystems, plus they can help in relieving everyday life stress. Continue reading “Considerations for Aquarium Installation”

What an In Wall Fish Tank Can Bring To Your Home

If there is one of the most beautiful and extraordinary structure you can have in a house, then it is an In-Wall Fish Tank. In fact, it is always recommendable to utilise the spaces available. However, most people don’t take the wall to serve any other service. Continue reading “What an In Wall Fish Tank Can Bring To Your Home”

Saltwater Coral Fish Tank in Cheshire

APRIL 2018 UPDATE: Commissioned by a residential client to build them a custom reef aquarium, this saltwater coral fish tank in Cheshire was  installed in early 2016.

Since the aquarium installation, we have provided our fish tank maintenance service once per month. Ensuring the tank has grown well, guiding our client and giving advice when required.


Aquarium install
The newly installed aquarium in 2016

This marine aquarium contains mostly hard corals which can be tricky to grow. However, with the use of specialist filtration it’s possible to grow these brightly coloured corals with great success. Once they are growing strongly it’s possible to take cuttings from the parent coral. These fragments can be used to start new colony’s in the aquarium or even sold to other hobbyists.

Saltwater fish tank supplier
Now in April 2018 the tank is filled with life.

Even though this marine aquarium installation is more complex than an average tank, the basic rules of a happy reef fish tank are still followed:
• Stable water chemistry
• Stable water temperature of 25 degrees.
• Vigorous water flow, here provided by pulse flow pumps.
• Strong lighting provided by AI Hydra LED lamps.
• Regular water testing.

However, these corals also require a little extra care when it comes to water chemistry as alkalinity, calcium and magnesium levels also require monitoring. This was the one of the reasons our client employed our aquarium cleaning service.
We carry precise testing equipment for both freshwater and saltwater tanks. We can also send water samples for laboratory testing if required.

As this bespoke tank has grown we have provided on-going advice to our client on new advances in the hobby. As fish keeping technology moves on so does new filtration equipment and techniques. Therefore, all of our fish tank maintenance clients will at some point be offered upgrades for their aquariums. We only offer an upgrade where we see it will make a significant improvement to a tank and it’s livestock.

Contact us for more information on our fish tank services including:
• Fish tank building and installation.
Fish tank cleaning service.

Aquarium design

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What to Consider in Aquarium Design

Aquariums are beautiful inclusions in a house or an event. They serve both as educational and entertainment option, especially for children as well as those new to the marine system. They are also used for research and enhancing roles. However, designing an aquarium requires proper planning and decision on where to have it. The following are the significant factors to consider when designing an aquarium.

Continue reading “What to Consider in Aquarium Design”

Aquarium Rental Service

Providing our aquarium rental service to MRH Solicitors in Bolton, Greater Manchester.

During a complete office renovation, this company requested a fish tank rental that had a small footprint. So we advised one of our column aquariums would be perfect fit for them.

Fish tank hire
Fish tank rental tropical theme

The finished aquarium rental contains tropical fish and is themed to suit the offices decor. An automatic feeder is installed to feed the fish twice per day. Lighting is via a white LED lamp which is automated to illuminate the tank during office hours.

Column fish tank rental

The tank is maintained once per month via our aquarium cleaning service. This service is provided as part of the fish tank rental package.

All our aquarium rentals are provided and maintained via a fixed monthly fee.


Commercial fish tank

We offer a range of fish tank sizes and styles available for hire.
Interested in our aquarium rental service. Would you like your own hassle free fish tank?

Please email us or call.

Tel: 01457511138

Aquarium design