Custom Aquarium Lighting

Posted on Thursday July 14, 2016

LED 3Aquarium lighting has made huge advances in the last 5 years, with the biggest change being the introduction of LED lighting. This new technology now allows for very powerful light s which are much more efficient, thus giving much more bang for your buck than older lighting. They also have the added bonus that LED lamps do not need changing like older style lamps that usually required annual replacement.

We recommend LED lighting for most of our live planted and reef aquarium installations. As part of good aquarium design, these lights give a very realistic look and promote excellent plant/coral growth. The lights can usually be automated to allow for precise control thus creating sunrise/sunset dimming effects. Some LEDs can even replicate cloud cover and lighting storms over your tank.

There are several manufacturers producing LED lights allowing us to supply lights to our clients differing budgets. A good quality LED lamp will usually start at around £200 rising up to £500 for a top end unit.
The top end lamps will usually contain a number of high powered coloured LEDs. These are designed specifically to meet the requirements of live plants or corals, being controlled via an iOS or android device. With individual control over these colours, we can program your fish tank lighting to specially meet your tanks livestock needs and even replicate natural moonlight.



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