Bespoke Aquarium in Gateshead

Posted on Monday July 18, 2016

Fish Tank Installation in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

This custom reef aquarium measures 66″ long X 30″ deep X 34″ high and contains 1100 litres of salt water. Supporting it is a bespoke high gloss cabinet built around a steel frame. The top of the tank is finished with an open top hood. Filtration is housed within the cabinet. The filtration system consists of: 2 X protein skimmers, UV steriliser, phosphate and nitrate reactors as well as high quality silent running pumps.

An auto top up system is added to the filter set up to automatically replace water that’s lost through evaporation. This bespoke aquarium build also includes a 24 hour monitoring device which enables our technicians to check water parameters via text message.

Reef aquarium installer
The marine rock aqua-scape is built up around a weir box at the far end of the tank. Thus, ensuring a clear view into the tank for all customers entering and passing through our clients reception area. The display is lit by powerful LED lighting which replicate sunrise, sunset and even cloud cover and thunderstorms!
Marine fish tank builder
Once fully stocked this custom aquarium will house a wide variety of live corals, invertebrates and reef fish.

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