Royal Derby Hospital Aquariums

We offer our aquarium services in the whole of derbyshire, and so it was nice to be contacted by the Royal Derbyshire Hospital. They explained that they were unhappy with their current contractor who was not adequately servicing a large wall aquarium of theirs.

Our Findings:

A visit by our company was promptly arranged to go a view the tank to see where improvements could be made. Upon visiting, the tank was in poor condition and improvements could be made everywhere!!

The hospital also explained that they’d like one of our rental aquariums for a patient day room where minor treatments take place.

Because of contractual reasons we were not able to start our work for a few months but once November came we were given the green light to proceed.

Aquarium Rental

Our first task was to install the new fish tank rental. The hospital had already chosen the size and colour of the tank. We had previously worked on this tank so installation and disruption to the hospital was kept to a minimum. From start to finish we installed this aquarium rental in under an hour.

Aquarium – Major Service

Next was to tackle the 8ft wall aquarium. Again previously, we had produced a checklist of works for this tank to make the cleaning process as efficient as possible. Even so, this deep clean would take us over 5 hours!

We started by removing all the tanks decoration as it was covered in algae and looked like it hadn’t been changed…… ever.

Fish tank maintenance
Filthy tank decoration

Once the tank was clear we could hoover the entire gravel bed and clean the tank panels. Additionally,  the external filter was removed and cleaned.

Tank emptied and ready to hoover.


We were now in a good position to install some new equipment and decorate the aquarium.

New equipment consisted of:

* Titanium heater and temperature controller.

* White and blue led lighting.

* Twin air pump

And so, 5 hours later the tank is finished. We immediately noticed a difference in the fish. They were far more active which was a result of increased tank water flow and a 100 litre water change.

Fish tank maintenance service
Job finished, tank looking great.

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