Reef Fish Tank Build and Install in Leeds

We’ve just provided our fish tank install service for this client in Leeds. The aquarium was installed and we supplied the lighting and filtration system. After which we filled the tank with saltwater and commissioned the set up.

The look of the tank has been kept simple with just 2 rocky outcrops of Real Reef rock. Lighting is provided by 3 x AI Hydra26 led lamps. We use a lot of AI lamps on our installs and have found them to be well built, reliable, powerful and with easy connectivity. They simply link straight to your phone via an app.

Fish tank build

The tanks filtration system consists of a polishing filter to remove detritus from the water coming from the main tank. There’s also a phosphate reactor to keep phosphate levels close to zero. A temperature controller is linked to a 300 watt titanium heater to maintain a 25 degree water temperature with a 0.1 degree accuracy. A protein skimmer is employed to remove organic waste and a UV steriliser is required to help control fish parasitic diseases.

Lastly, a Vectra M1 pump returns the filtered water back to the main tank via its weir box. Where the water enters the tank, it’s spilt to provide flow to the right and left of the tank.

An additional 2 Vortech pumps provide the bulk of the water flow inside the main tank. Water flow is of upmost importance for a reef tank with live corals.

Custom aquarium build

A marine tank like this represents a significant investment as the equipment is of high quality. However, as the tank matures you really see the benefit of paying a little more for the equipment as your buying quality and reliability. Additionally, higher quality equipment will be more efficient, thus lowering running costs.

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