Coming Soon!! 3rd Floor Office Reef Aquarium Install

Exciting times for us in the lead up to Christmas with our latest aquarium project in Cheshire. Commissioned by CorpAcq Ltd, a fast growing corporate acquisitions and investment company, we are to supply, build, install and maintain a large reef aquarium in their brand new £3m offices in Cheshire.

This project has commenced with us delivering the large glass panels up to the offices on the 3rd floor. Space was tight with only a couple of inches to spare!

More details coming soon!


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Aquarium cabinet going up!

We are bespoke aquarium installers. Please contact us if you have a fish tank project you’d like us to look at.

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Improving Our Aquarium Services


We are proud members of the UK’s Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association.

OATA is the voice of the ornamental aquatic industry in the UK with the purpose to protect and promote the trade. Furthermore, OATA has helped grow our aquarium services and ensure your hobby has survived and will continue in the future.


There is no question that having qualified and knowledgeable staff is of great benefit to the success of our business.

OATA has been offering both members and non-members the opportunity to gain specific fish-keeping qualifications since 1997 and their Certificate and Advanced Diploma courses are highly respected across the industry.

Designed to be cost-effective and convenient, OATA’s courses can be studied at home and there’s no time limit on how long you take to complete the course.

Of course, our technicians are already very knowledgeable in the field of aquatics and livestock husbandry. However, to keep improving our business and service offered. Over the next 12 months all our technicians will being commencing OATAs certificate and advanced diploma courses.

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Fish Tank Maintenance Service in Cheshire

Reef Aquarium Installation and Servicing

We are pleased to provide photos of our clients’ fabulous reef tank. This coral reef display mainly contains stony corals. These bright corals are challenging to grow and so we advise only housing these corals with the aid of additional filtration. The reef was installed by ourselves and we maintain it via our fish tank maintenance service. We utilised structured plates bonded to the rear of the tank which provide lots of positions to mount corals. As well as giving depth to the aquarium.

Part of the coral aquariums design incorporates lighting and filtration specifically chosen to cater for this delicate corals requirements. These stony corals prefer water brightly lit and low in nutrients. Powerful LED lighting hangs over the aquarium. This is controlled wirelessly. We use an over rated protein skimmer which efficiently strips the tanks water of nutrients.

A special type of filter in employed to effectively dissolve a coral gravel. This action releases the elements such as calcium and magnesium into the water. Therefore, providing them ready for encouraging further coral growth.

Lastly, vigorous water flow within the tank is achieved via 2 variable flow, wave maker pumps. And so this replicates the turbid regions on a natural reef where the corals can be found. All stony corals housed have been grown from small fragments raised on coral farms.

Our fish tank maintenance service for this client is provided once per month. This service combined with the clients input ensures the steady growth of these stunning corals.

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