Our Fish Tank Cleaning Service

Marine Fish Tank Cleaning Service in Glossop

Performing our fish tank cleaning service in glossop, Derbyshire. We were contacted by this client to provide our fish tank cleaning service on a regular basis and maintain their 700 litre reef tank.

Our client had become increasingly busy with work commitments and so lacked the time to maintain the aquarium. However, they did not want to decommission the tank and so our services were the ideal solution.

Our first maintenance visit was to clean the tank and perform water tests. The test results showed that both phosphate and nitrate levels were higher than normal.

Because of this, our next service involved a clean of the tank, filter clean and a 300 litre water change.
The water change would help to improve water parameters.

We are now providing our aquarium cleaning service twice per month until water parameters have improved. Upon which, we will then visit once per month to maintain its health.

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