Custom Fish Tank Build in Manchester

As part of this complete home refurbishment we were delighted to be asked to install a bespoke in wall aquarium. This custom fish tank build in Manchester was commissioned by our client to be a tropical live planted tank. Our client had some previous experience with this type of aquarium. Because they were now refurbing their home it was a great opportunity to install a larger bespoke aquarium.

The Aquarium Build

This aquarium measures long x deep x high. The tank is manufactured in 15mm thick bevelled edge glass. It has ultra clear panes on its 3 viewable sides, and a bit more unusual, an external weir box on the wall side. An external weir box is hidden from view and allows water flow from the tank to the sump filtration system.

We use one of our extremely strong metal frame supports for this tank. It allows for complete support of the aquarium whilst allowing a large space below the aquarium for the filtration system.

Bespoke aquarium build
Aquarium Steel Frame Support

Aquarium Delivery

Next we have the enviable task of getting our bespoke fish tank to the rear of the property. The tank was too large to fit through the front door and so we utilised patio doors at the rear. The scariest moment was squeezing the tank down the side of the house, contending with an uneven path and a gate at the end. Our guys have loads of experience in moving large tanks, we also have several lifting tables which are invaluable. Something to consider if you want your own bespoke aquarium is whether it fits into your home or business? We also build on-site fish tanks if they are particularly large.

Bespoke aquarium
It fits…… just ๐Ÿ™‚

With the tank now in position and fitting the gap with a few millimetres to spare, we can relax ๐Ÿ™‚

Custom 3 sided aquarium Build in Manchester
Tank in position

Aquarium Theme

The theme for this wall aquarium is freshwater tropical. It will eventually contain a variety of tropical fish and live plants. We have installed intense LED lighting over the tank to promote vigorous plant growth. To encourage plant growth even further, we have incorporated into this aquarium design an automatic fertiliser dosing system and Co2 gas injection. Both these systems are completely automated. The entire fish tank set up will be maintained by our technician during a monthly service visit.

Wall aquarium


Custom Fish Tank Build in Manchester

Fish Tank Cleaning Service

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Aquarium design

Saving a Failing Reef Aquarium

It’s always nice for our team to install new aquariums, but it’s equally as satisfying to be given the chance to save a failing reef aquarium.

The Brief

We were contacted by a residential client in Cheshire who had expressed concern that there custom reef aquarium, currently being maintained by another party, was not performing as well as it should. The tank was suffering from nuisance algae growth and corals were dying.

Our Findings

Upon our first visit to view the tank and perform a survey, we found a number of faults with the set up of the aquarium, its water parameters and general cleanliness. The tank was in rather poor condition.


Examining the sump filter tank housed below below the aquarium revealed much of the same. There was again excessive detritus waste and a lack of maintenance. The phosphate filter which is designed to reduce algae growth was completely clogged. The protein skimmer which reduces tank nutrients was not functioning at all and very grubby.

To add to the growing list of issues, the aquarium water was at 30 degrees which is dangerous to livestock health and had already caused coral bleaching. Upon testing the waters salinity, we found ย it to be far too low.

Desperate action was required to save this tank and so we advised it would need 2 of our technicians a full day to remedy the problems.

Our Actions to Save this Reef Aquarium

We first started by completely cleaning the aquarium panes to remove all algae. With the system turned off this algae would drop to the bottom of the tank. Here it can be siphoned out and we also clean the sand bed and perform a 300 litre water change!

Allowing the algae to settle helps to siphon it out

Next the sump tank is stripped down with all components being removed for a deep clean. The reverse osmosis filter which supplies fresh water to the aquarium requires its filters changing about every 6 months. We change these filters as a matter of course.

Reef aquarium refurbishment
Sump tank is stripped down

This large wall reef aquarium relied on a thermostatic heater to maintain its water temperature. This type of heater is fine for a smaller aquarium provided its changed every 12-18 months. However due to the size and sheer value of this tank a dedicated temperature controller is far more suitable. This controller not only controls our newly installed titanium heater but also a set of cooling fans.

Reef aquarium
Job finished!

We are continuing to provide our fish tank maintenance service for this reef twice per month. As time progresses and the tank is serviced it will once again become a fabulous, healthy live coral aquarium.

Please keep an eye on our blogs for future updates.

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Aquarium design