Considerations for Aquarium Installation

Aquariums are known to be a wonderful hobby; they provide us with hours of restful and beautiful entertainment. They can also be an excellent way for kids to learn about ecosystems, plus they can help in relieving everyday life stress. Continue reading “Considerations for Aquarium Installation”

What to Consider in Aquarium Design

Aquariums are beautiful inclusions in a house or an event. They serve both as educational and entertainment option, especially for children as well as those new to the marine system. They are also used for research and enhancing roles. However, designing an aquarium requires proper planning and decision on where to have it. The following are the significant factors to consider when designing an aquarium.

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What an Aquarium can bring to your office environment

An aquarium fish tank installation can totally transform your your office. Once in place, it will bring numerous benefits with it. Here are four advantages that an aquarium installation can bring to your office environment.

  1. Variety

The movements of colourful fish, the waving of luscious green weeds, and even the bubbling motion of the water through the aquarium filter will all help to add a sense of variety to your office environment. If you place the aquarium in a spot where clients or other people will be waiting – such as your office’s lobby – this varied aquatic environment will give them something interesting to look at and significantly reduce the possibility that they will become frustrated or bored if they need to wait to be seen for any reason.

  1. A personal touch

There is something very individual about an aquarium – it helps to add a sense of personality to any office. Giving your aquarium fish names, or adding a few quirky decorations into the aquarium will enable you to show off a more creative side to your office’s personality.

  1. A positive brand image

A clean and well kept aquarium will help to project a very positive image for your brand or company because it will show that you care. Many psychological studies have found that we tend to associate animal lovers and people with cherished pets with good qualities such as kindness, empathy, caring, and a sociable and down to earth attitude. These are certainly qualities that you would like to have associated with your company, too. In order to ensure that you project this advantageous image, though, it is crucial to ensure that your aquarium installation is kept in excellent condition, filled with clear water and healthy and happy fish.

  1. Keeping your staff happy

The presence of animals in any workplace environment has been shown to increase the happiness of the staff. Similar positive effects have also been found in schools and universities, where therapy dogs or other special therapy animals have been used to help to calm down students feeling stressed out during the exam period. An aquarium installed in your office will help to calm the people working there, and dissipate any stress amongst the workforce. Similar effects are experienced when office buildings provide their staff with a beautiful natural view – this is part of the power of nature: it is able to calm our minds as we are working.

Time to consider an aquarium for your office?

The list above is by no means exhaustive: there are many other advantages that an aquarium can bring to your office environment. If you have been looking for ways to transform your work space, an aquarium could well be the perfect solution. Start exploring options, choosing fish and aquarium designs today – and make sure that you have someone to care for the aquarium too.

What Products Do I Need for An Aquarium?

How To Create A Successful Aquarium

Setting up an aquarium for the first time can be a daunting task. Research is key to deciding which aquarium products are necessary for the health of the fish. Other considerations to take into account are the type of fish you intend to keep, how much space is required, and last but not least, your budget. Follow our suggestions below to create your first aquarium.

Choosing Your Aquarium

The aquarium itself is the most significant purchase, and you should try and buy the largest you can afford to allow more surface area and swimming space. The size of your room is always a consideration, but smaller aquariums can be found, holding as little as seven litres of water. A stand is essential, particularly if you have a glass tank as they are much more substantial than acrylic models. You may need to buy the hood separately. It should cover the aquarium tightly to prevent the fish from escaping, and it will help to reduce evaporation.

The Essential Kit

Other essential aquarium products include lighting, filtration and heat, all necessary to protect the health of your fish. The light may be included with the lid or may be purchased separately. There are different options including fluorescent, halogen and incandescent. As a beginner, the most straightforward choice is to use fluorescent bulbs as they are cooler and cheaper to run. The filtration system is essential, and the filter must be the appropriate size for the tank. The system should ideally have a flow rate that allows it to filter the water four times per hour. A heater will be necessary to maintain a temperature of approximately 77°F. A submersible model will have a numerical setting that is easy to read.

Extras To Consider

The rest of the kit you will need is the smaller items but will keep your fish healthier and happier. Thermometers are relatively inexpensive. Substrate is the material used on the bottom of the aquarium and helps the filtration process and has a positive effect on the water chemistry. You will also need a good quality, medium sized net for catching the fish.

Leave It To The Professionals

If all this seems a bit too much, why not leave it to the experts? We can arrange professional fish tank installation and an ongoing maintenance service. Please contact us for more details.