Aquarium Maintenance Rock Decorations

Aquarium Maintenance Rocks

Following recent investment, we have now expanded our range of rock decorations that are used in our aquarium maintenance tanks. During each fish tank service, we can change the rocks and so freshen up the display. Furthermore, these rocks are also available for all our rental fish tanks.

aquarium maintenance

We cater for all tastes with a vast range of rock and stone. We stock many different sizes or rock as well as colours including black, brown, grey and bright white. All decorations are completely fish safe.

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Aquarium cleaning company

Aquarium Cleaning Service Company

Aquarium Cleaning Service

Our comprehensive aquarium cleaning service will keep your fish tank looking clean and ensure water quality is perfect for your fish.
During each visit we will offer advice and suggest if any improvements can be made to your aquarium set up.
Additionally, we are able to bring with us a variety of decoration, foods and new livestock.
By and large, no two fish tanks we clean are ever the same. For this reason our technicians have a wealth of experience and knowledge of different species of livestock, but also types of filtration equipment and lighting. From a simple 50 litre tank using a small internal filter to a 2000 litre coral reef tank with a complex life support filter system.

Our Services Include:

Cleaning of your aquarium panels (glass or acrylic).

Filter clean – internal/external filter or sump based filter.

Water pump strip down clean.

Water changing (freshwater or salt water). As part of a water change we will also remove waste from your substrate, it being either sand or gravel.

Water testing (freshwater or saltwater).

Replacement of decoration – we hold a vast stock of artificial plants and natural rocks / woods.

Pruning of live plants or corals.

Introduction of new livestock. All our livestock is held in our own quarantine facility.

General check up of the entire aquarium to include inspection of livestock and equipment. Recommendations and advice given to improve the fish tank.

If using our fish tank cleaning service on a regular basis, we record and hold a diary of works carried out for the aquarium. This also becomes a useful tool as a reference to monitor water parameters over a period of time.

Not at home most days OR going on holiday?

For those clients with busy lifestyles, we are able to hold keys for your house or workplace in our secure safe. This means we don’t require anyone to be home to be able to service the aquarium. This service is particularly helpful if you have holidays planned as our technicians are then able to call in to check on your fish tank whilst your away, giving peace of mind.
Ocean Life Aquatics provide a high quality aquarium service throughout Manchester and surrounding areas. We also cover Cheshire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Newcastle upon Tyne. Not located in these areas? Please email us with your location and requirements.
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Ocean Life Aquuatics

Aquarium cleaning service in Derbyshire

Aquarium Refurbishment

Aquarium cleaning service on this large bow front aquarium we recently renovated. The tank contained rather grubby rocks and required a full overhaul of its filtration system.
Due to the large number of Malawi cichlids housed in the tank, a great deal of waste is produced. Therefore, following our advice, this client agreed to swap one of the small filters to a much bigger unit. This will improve water quality both visibly and for the fish.
After years of use, a filters pump may become tired and so it makes sense to replace the filter for a brand new unit. Here, we use a larger filter than required. Water flow from a large filter pump is reduced using a valve whilst still giving adequate water turnover, but benefitting from a larger media capacity.

Aquarium Cleaning Service

Ocean Life Aquatics is a specialist aquarium services provider for bespoke fish tanks. From new projects requiring our aquarium design and maintenance service to existing tanks requiring overhaul and refurbishment. We cater for all types of aquaria including freshwater or saltwater aquariums.
Furthermore, large projects benefit from our consultation service where the feasibility of project may not be clear.
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Aquarium cleaning service
Fish tank refurbishment


Aquarium cleaning company

Fish Tank Hire for Philippines Department of Tourism

Event Fish Tank Hire

Ocean Life Aquatics recent commission by the Philippines Department of Tourism to provide a short term event fish tank hire in London.
Hosted Thames-side at Potters Fields Park with fantastic views of Tower Bridge. The Philippines Tourism Weekend showcased the best the Philippines has to offer. And how the Philippines is becoming increasingly known as one of the world’s most exotic holiday destinations.
Our role was to provide a 2 day short term fish tank hire which would be used to stage an underwater photo booth for the event. The aquarium was dressed with white rock and artificial corals to give a colourful reef display.
Visitors were able to choose from props such as goggles, snorkels and diving tanks. These were worn to add a little fun to their photo. The events host provided our fish tank photo booth as a free service to each visitor who also received a postcard photo of their experience.
The whole event and especially our aquarium photo booth was a great success.

Looking for an Aquarium for your Event?

Interested in hiring an aquarium, we can rent you a fish for as little as a few hours. A great way of adding the wow factor and attracting people to your event.
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Built In Wall Fish Tank in Newcastle

In Wall Fish Tank

In wall fish tank installation in Newcastle completed today. This custom aquarium is located in a brand new nursery.

Its decorated with a colourful coral theme and characters from Finding Dory.
The tank measures 1.2m long x 0.4m deep x 0.6m high and stands between the nursery’s reception and sensory room. It’s lit by automated blue lighting and contains a range of tropical fish.
This custom tank is fitted with an automatic feeding system. Thus ensuring the nursery staff only need to performed very little maintenance.

 Fish Tank Maintenance

Additionally, the nursery have chosen to employ our Newcastle fish tank cleaning service to keep the aquarium in tip top condition. During each maintenance visit our technicians perform a water change, water test, tank and filter clean. As well as change the decoration inside the aquarium to freshen up the fish tanks display.
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Nyos Aquarium Supplements

Professional Aquarium Supplements

Ocean Life Aquatics now stock a full range of Nyos aquarium supplements.

These German made high end reef products include additives, fish and coral foods as well as reef cement which is great for aqua-scaping and securing corals.
Now available to all our fish tank maintenance clients.
Aquarium cleaning company

Fish Tank Cleaning Service in Manchester

Providing Aquarium Maintenance Services in Manchester

Performing fish tank cleaning service in Manchester on a custom wall aquarium. This client advised that they would soon be decorating their lounge where the tank is situated. This was the perfect time for us to come in and give this marine reef tank a deep clean.
Built in wall fish tank uk
Wall aquarium uk
From our initial aquarium installation this tank has flourished. However, we recommend a deep clean of a marine aquarium at least once per year. This will keep the system operating smoothly and livestock growth rates high.

This aquarium maintenance visit included:

  • 300 litre saltwater change
  • Internal cleaning of all pumps
  • Hoover of sand bed
  • Flush out and clean of chiller unit
  • Internal pipe work clean
  • Comprehensive water testing
  • Trimming coral growth
  • Removal of lights to clean cooling fans and lenses
A deep clean of an aquarium system is also a good opportunity to take the time to inspect the tanks pumps. Even the most expensive pumps may experience wear and tear over time. In this case a small crack is discovered in the internal casing of one of the pumps. Whilst not an immediate problem, it is however, recommended that the pump is replaced during a subsequent service visit.
Often overlooked is an aquariums pipework system.
Fish tank installer
We use pipe brushes to flush out debris that adhears to the internal wall of the pipe. Ball valves and couplings should be inspected for leaks. These types of fittings will contain an O ring which may need replacement.
We inspect flexible pipe as this may become brittle over time. Furthermore, we inspect all hose clips/clamps to ensure a tight seal and no corrosion/cracking is occurring.
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Aquarium cleaning company

Custom Designer Aquarium in Derbyshire

Not our biggest, but certainly our most automated and quietest custom designer aquarium install.
Our brief for this marine tank project was to install a top end bespoke wall aquarium which would essentially ‘look after itself’ alongside our aquarium maintenance service.

The Tank Build

The build started by positioning the bare tank set up against our clients wall.
Aquarium installation company
Tanks location and fireplace
Fish tank installer
The build commences
We designed this bespoke coral system to utilise an empty fireplace to the rear of the tank. Through which we could install pipework that connects to a chiller unit. The chiller requires housing within a weather proof enclosure. This is positioned against the outside of the house but hidden from view. Temperature control is vital for a live coral reef aquarium.
The tank is positioned and levelled, then a rock aqua-scape is added. For this we used a combination of white coral sand, marine rock and branch to create a display the client was happy with.
We then turned out attention to installing the tanks life support filtration system and LED lighting.
The client budget allowed for high quality equipment. This includes pumps that run virtually silently, automation where possible and a 24/7 monitoring system.
Built in wall aquarium
The tank is aqua-scaped
In wall fish tank
Live corals and fish added

Custom Designer Aquarium

Most reef aquariums will utilise pumps inside the display tank which are required to pump water around the tank in order to simulate waves and chaotic flow. As a result, this water movement is very important for the live corals and reef fish to thrive. Thus, on this custom tank install we have used variable flow pumps below the aquarium that suck water from the tank and return it straight back.
The pumps are programmed via our technicians phone to create random, wave like water flow.
Consequently, this type of aquarium design means there’s no pumps in the main display tank that might intrude on the finished product.
The aquarium requires a period of up to 10 weeks to mature. After which, we start adding the live corals and reef fish inhabitants.
Finally, cladding above the tank is complete to match the cabinets finish.
After which our aquarium cleaning service may commence. Aquarium maintenance services are of vital importance to a delicate system such as this.
In summary, if you do not have the time or experience to look after your fish tank we can provide a fully bespoke maintenance contract to ensure your tank is clean, healthy and enjoyable.
Custom designer aquarium
The finished custom reef system
Interested in a custom designer aquarium in your home or business?
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Dory Captive Bred For First Time

In a statement released on Tuesday, researchers at the University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory said they have successfully bred Pacific blue tangs in captivity for the first time. The blue species is the model for the forgetful marine fish featured in the films “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory.”

Researchers say the breakthrough means that one day, home aquariums or marine life exhibits might not have to rely on the capture of blue tangs in the wild.

Lab director Craig Watson says the next step is helping commercial producers replicate the researchers’ success with this key marine ornamental species.

Rising Tide Conservation, the SeaWorld-Busch Gardens Conservation Fund and the Oceanic Institute of Hawaii Pacific University also contributed to the project.

Bespoke Aquarium in Gateshead

Fish Tank Installation in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

This custom reef aquarium measures 66″ long X 30″ deep X 34″ high and contains 1100 litres of salt water. Supporting it is a bespoke high gloss cabinet built around a steel frame. The top of the tank is finished with an open top hood. Filtration is housed within the cabinet. The filtration system consists of: 2 X protein skimmers, UV steriliser, phosphate and nitrate reactors as well as high quality silent running pumps.

An auto top up system is added to the filter set up to automatically replace water that’s lost through evaporation. This bespoke aquarium build also includes a 24 hour monitoring device which enables our technicians to check water parameters via text message.

Reef aquarium installer
The marine rock aqua-scape is built up around a weir box at the far end of the tank. Thus, ensuring a clear view into the tank for all customers entering and passing through our clients reception area. The display is lit by powerful LED lighting which replicate sunrise, sunset and even cloud cover and thunderstorms!
Marine fish tank builder
Once fully stocked this custom aquarium will house a wide variety of live corals, invertebrates and reef fish.

 We are Bespoke Aquarium Builders

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