Custom Aquarium Build in Preston, Lancashire

Custom Aquarium Build in Preston, Lancashire

We are delighted to be commissioned by Inspired Energy PLC to design and install a large bespoke aquarium in their newly refurbished reception.

This huge fish tank measures 2.7 metres long x 90cm high x 60cm deep, and sits against the receptions rear wall directly behind the reception desk.

Wall fish tank
Aquarium Build Commences

Our Bespoke Aquarium

The tank is manufactured in 19mm thick glass and has an ultra clear front pane. This large tropical aquarium will eventually house a variety of large fish and live plants.

Bespoke aquarium builder
Aquarium in Position


The tank is filtered via our latest life support system which will ensure excellent water clarity and quality. As well as including CO2 injection to aid plant growth and automated daily water changes.

Lighting the tank are 8 Radion XR15 freshwater LED lamps which are programmed by our technician using and app.


Fish tank builder uk
Aquariums Lighting Installed

The Tanks Custom Theme

As part of our part of our bespoke aquarium installations we are able to offer custom themes. In this case, because our client is in the energy supply market we added pylons and wind turbines to the tank.

Please keep an eye on our blog for progress updates of this tank and our other current projects.

Aquarium design

Aquarium Services in our Posh Vans!

We’re so pleased to show off our vans with their brand new graphics. Special thanks to Elvir at Cee Graphics for his excellent work sign writing the vans.

Aquarium design, installation and maintenance is what we do and now our vans reflect this too.

A big thank you from Mark (director) to all my clients who have helped my business grow at a speedy rate over the last few years.

Over the next 6 months we have some very exciting aquarium projects in the pipe line, so please keep following our blog for more details.


Aquarium design

In Wall Fish Tank In Stockport

No project is too large or small for our company. Here is a recent aquarium installation of a small 75 litre through wall aquarium.

Located between our clients kitchen and utility room, this fish tank looks great with a natural tropical theme.

The breif for this project was to install a small wall aquarium which would suit the proportions of the wall its installed into. Also, the tank should be a clean aquarium design, with automated lighting and fish feeding.

In wall fish tank
Tropical Wall Aquarium

The aquarium design incorporates an external filtration and heating system meaning there’s no equipment in the tank itself. Additionally, the fish tank is lit with LED lights which gives a very pleasing appearance.

After installation, we stocked the aquarium with a variety of small tropical fish.

Our aquarium maintenance service is used by our client to keep the fish tank clean and healthy. During monthly visits we perform all aspects of maintenance as well as swapping the decoration.


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Aquarium design


Aquarium Cleaning For Manchester Children’s Hospital

A bank holiday provides our company a great opportunity to perform a major strip down service of this custom aquarium.
Located in the normally very busy entrance of Manchester’s children’s hospital. The hospital commissioned our company and we installed this bespoke fish tank over 2 years ago.

In addition to our fish tank installation, we supply an aquarium maintenance contract which provides cleaning of this fish tank twice per month. This keeps the tank in great condition.


Aquarium maintenance
Fish Tank undergoing Maintenance

However, twice per year, the tank undergoes a major service. Our technicians perform this service which comprises of a large water change, tank strip down, filter clean as well as other repairs that are required. A bank holiday or weekend is a nice quiet time at the hospital allowing us some extra space to perform these works.


Aquarium services provider
The Completed Fish Tank Clean


We have many clients that we provide our fish tank maintenance service in Manchester and the surrounding areas.






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Aquarium design



Aquarium Installation in Prestbury


A bath with a view!

Our client now has this wonderful in wall fish tank. Slightly more unusual is the tanks etched glass leaves which provide a nice extra detail to this fish tank build. A blind is provided to one side when complete privacy is required. This aquarium design is set up to be completely self contained within the wall space

The aquarium contains tropical fish and a planted display.

Fish Tank Cleaning Service

Additionally, we provide our aquarium cleaning service to this client via one visit every six weeks. At the same time we also service another aquarium this client has in their dining room.

We are fish tank installers in Prestbury and throughout the UK. If you have a current aquarium or future project that you’d like to discuss, please contact us.

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Aquarium design

Improving Our Aquarium Services


We are proud members of the UK’s Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association.

OATA is the voice of the ornamental aquatic industry in the UK with the purpose to protect and promote the trade. Furthermore, OATA has helped grow our aquarium services and ensure your hobby has survived and will continue in the future.


There is no question that having qualified and knowledgeable staff is of great benefit to the success of our business.

OATA has been offering both members and non-members the opportunity to gain specific fish-keeping qualifications since 1997 and their Certificate and Advanced Diploma courses are highly respected across the industry.

Designed to be cost-effective and convenient, OATA’s courses can be studied at home and there’s no time limit on how long you take to complete the course.

Of course, our technicians are already very knowledgeable in the field of aquatics and livestock husbandry. However, to keep improving our business and service offered. Over the next 12 months all our technicians will being commencing OATAs certificate and advanced diploma courses.

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Aquarium Service Company


Fish Tank Cleaning & Maintenance in Derbyshire

We are delighted to be commissioned by Cathelco UK to provide our aquarium maintenance service in Derbyshire.

Cathelco had expressed disappointment that their custom marine aquarium was not performing at its best. Following a visit to view the fish tank, we provided a report stating where improvements could be made. We carried out thorough water testing which revealed that its quality also required significant improvement.

Our aquarium maintenance service in Derbyshire provides exacting standards of fish tank care, as well as reports for our client detailing works carried out.

The tank will now be maintained by our fish tank cleaning service being provided via 4 monthly visits.

Improving the Aquarium

Because the whole tank set up was in poor condition we were left with little choice other than to completely strip the aquarium. All rockwork is removed, thus enabling a complete clean of the entire sand bed.

Whilst the rock was out of the aquarium we clean and remove all traces of hair algae which was plaguing the tank. Hair algae is caused by elevated nutrient levels such as phosphate and nitrate. These levels should be kept as low as possible in a reef aquarium. Phosphate is reduced by using a special type of media. This media absorbs phosphate from the water and is best fluidised so water contact time is increased. Phosphate media is replaced once it’s exhausted.
Nitrate can be reduced by carrying out partial water changes and also by using one of the many bio pellet reactors that can be bought.

Next, the existing tank pumps are removed as these are a real eyesore. We replace these for 4 variable flow pumps that will create strong chaotic wave motion that a reef tank and its inhabitants require. Additionally, this vigorous water flow also helps to flush out uneaten food or other debris so it may be removed by filtration.

We also upgraded the automatic top up unit as the existing unit used suction cups which tend to fail over time. Our unit uses a magnetic float provides a strong reliable fixing.

The tanks lighting was not powerful enough to adequately provide the corals with enough light intensity. Furthermore, the existing lighting was not controllable and so no dawn and dusk effect could be replicated.

We built Cathelco a new bespoke lighting rig which houses 4 very powerful LED lamps. These lamps utilise a wifi signal to link direct to our technicians phone.

Reef fish tank builder
Our bespoke LED lighting rig

From a phone or tablet the lamps can be programmed to slowly increase and decrease light output. The lamp contains a number of different colour leds which specifically cater for the needs of live coral. This kind of bespoke lighting provides not only a sunrise and sunset simulation. But also a powerful midday burst of light replicating a natural reef. Cloud and moonlight functions are options with the latter being a must if attempting to breed marine livestock.

Existing heaters are removed and discarded. These heaters not only looked rather old and showed scorching inside. But left unchecked they would provide a significant threat to the tank if they were to fail.
We installed a new temperature controller and 2 x 300 watt titanium heaters. These heaters are very durable and do not contain their own thermostat, unlike most aquarium heaters on the market. Instead, the heaters are turned on and off by the temperature controller. This has its own temperature probe which can precisely control temperature to within 0.1 of a degree. The controller also has a cooling option where by it will turn on cooling fans during the summer should the temperature rise out of normal range.

The sump filter tank is stripped and cleaned. New phosphate reactors added and also an earth probe. This is vital for electrical safety.

Having undergone a large aquarium service and 300 litre water change this tank is now on the road to recovery.

See below photos of BEFORE and AFTER our services are implemented.

For the Future?

As it continues to improve with our on-going aquarium maintenance service, we will be adding more livestock including both fish and corals. This will bring the tank back to life and once again provide a colourful focal point for all visiting Cathelco UK.


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Our Fish Tank Cleaning Service

Marine Fish Tank Cleaning Service in Glossop

Performing our fish tank cleaning service in glossop, Derbyshire. We were contacted by this client to provide our fish tank cleaning service on a regular basis and maintain their 700 litre reef tank.

Our client had become increasingly busy with work commitments and so lacked the time to maintain the aquarium. However, they did not want to decommission the tank and so our services were the ideal solution.

Our first maintenance visit was to clean the tank and perform water tests. The test results showed that both phosphate and nitrate levels were higher than normal.

Because of this, our next service involved a clean of the tank, filter clean and a 300 litre water change.
The water change would help to improve water parameters.

We are now providing our aquarium cleaning service twice per month until water parameters have improved. Upon which, we will then visit once per month to maintain its health.

Interested in our fish tank maintenance service?

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Bespoke Aquarium Build in Derbyshire

Bespoke Aquarium Build in Derbyshire

Our latest bespoke aquarium build in Derbyshire is this 30 inch cube fish tank. Once stocked it will contain a variety of saltwater fish and live corals.

An empty corner of a large hallway in our clients home provided a great space to house this marine tank.
Because the tank is both quite large and heavy, it was brought into the house via large patio doors at the rear of the property.

Aquarium Build and Installation

Fish tank derbyshire


The tank measures 30″ long x 30″ deep x 34″ high which once the hood is fitted, gives the look of a true cube aquarium.
The tank stands on a gloss black cabinet which is built around a strong metal frame. Therefore this ensures the tanks weight is well supported.

After its placed and levelled we fit its custom life support filter system. Our filtration system is bespoke for the aquarium and is designed to be as automated as possible.

Aquarium installer

In addition, the tank is aqua-scaped with rock work and white coral sand. Unless we are given free reign, our client always has the option to give their opinion on how they’d like the finished aqua-scape to look.

Next, the system is filled with saltwater and commissioned. After which it’s left to operate for a period of 4-6 weeks. This allows the brand new pumps to bed in and also for the tank to mature, thus then being ready for the addition of livestock.


A powerful LED lamp is utilised to replicate the suns rays and so provide intense lighting for the live corals. Moreover, being wifi enabled, it links directly to our technicians phone. A lighting schedule is programmed to the lamp which simulates sunrise, midday sun, sunset and moonlight lunar cycles.


Bespoke aquarium build in derbyshire

This custom fish tank installation is combined with our aquarium maintenance service. The fish tank cleaning contract will ensure the aquariums smooth growth and maturity into a wonderful live reef.

Keep checking our blog for further updates on the progress of this aquarium.

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UK Acrylic Aquarium Fish Tank Builder

We are an acrylic aquarium builder and can supply any size of acrylic tank or aquarium design.

Our latest bespoke fish tank build is this custom sized acrylic tank which will be shipped direct to our customer.
It measures 1500mm long x 464mm deep x 900mm high. And manufactured from 35mm thick cast acrylic.

Acrylic tank manufacturer
Custom Acrylic Aquarium


Why choose Acrylic For Your Fish Tank?

An acrylic aquarium has many benefits over a glass tank. The main ones being its clarity and strength.

Acrylic is very transparent and does not suffer from the green tint seen in glass. As well as being far stronger and more durable than glass. Which is why it’s used in most public aquariums.

Therefore, a much larger tank can be built in acrylic than glass as acrylic is available in greater thicknesses. This makes it perfect for building a monster sized tank!

Acrylic tank builder
High Quality Tank Finish

Utilising a template, we can supply our tanks to create bespoke fish tank designs and shapes.  This process involves “baking” the acrylic sheet in an oven around the template to form whatever shape required. The shape and design possibilities are endless.
Additionally, acrylic aquariums are much lighter in weight than glass making them easier to transport and handle.

We are an Acrylic Aquarium Fish Tank Builder

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Aquarium cleaning company