Fish Tank Cleaning Service in Manchester

Providing Aquarium Maintenance Services in Manchester

Performing fish tank cleaning service in Manchester on a custom wall aquarium. This client advised that they would soon be decorating their lounge where the tank is situated. This was the perfect time for us to come in and give this marine reef tank a deep clean.
Built in wall fish tank uk
Wall aquarium uk
From our initial aquarium installation this tank has flourished. However, we recommend a deep clean of a marine aquarium at least once per year. This will keep the system operating smoothly and livestock growth rates high.

This aquarium maintenance visit included:

  • 300 litre saltwater change
  • Internal cleaning of all pumps
  • Hoover of sand bed
  • Flush out and clean of chiller unit
  • Internal pipe work clean
  • Comprehensive water testing
  • Trimming coral growth
  • Removal of lights to clean cooling fans and lenses
A deep clean of an aquarium system is also a good opportunity to take the time to inspect the tanks pumps. Even the most expensive pumps may experience wear and tear over time. In this case a small crack is discovered in the internal casing of one of the pumps. Whilst not an immediate problem, it is however, recommended that the pump is replaced during a subsequent service visit.
Often overlooked is an aquariums pipework system.
Fish tank installer
We use pipe brushes to flush out debris that adhears to the internal wall of the pipe. Ball valves and couplings should be inspected for leaks. These types of fittings will contain an O ring which may need replacement.
We inspect flexible pipe as this may become brittle over time. Furthermore, we inspect all hose clips/clamps to ensure a tight seal and no corrosion/cracking is occurring.
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Twin Aquarium Installation in Altrincham, Cheshire.

We are a Cheshire fish tank installer and we’re pleased to be commissioned to replace this restaurants two aquariums with brand new custom fish tanks.

Cheshire Fish Tank Installer

The aquarium install started with the removal of one of the old tanks. The fish were temporarily housed in our dedicated storage tank which monitors water temperate and oxygenates the water. With the fish happy we could then entirely remove the old fish tank set up.
The area was then cleaned in preparation for the new custom fish tank to be installed. The new tanks were built off-site in our dedicated workshop. They were to sit over a step and so precise measurements were taken prior, to ensure a good fit.
After fitting the first new aquarium we added its decoration and filled it with a mix of matured and fresh water. Once this water was at correct PH and temperature the fish were added to their new home. To ensure the tank did not suffer from ‘new tank syndrome’ we used some of the old mature filter media from the old tank within the filter of the new one.

Setting up a New Aquarium?

New tank syndrome as its name suggests is a condition which mainly affects new fish tanks. It occurs when there is insufficient bacteria present to cope with the amount of fish stock in the aquarium. The bacteria needed to breakdown all the wastes produced by fish take several weeks to colonise a new aquarium. If fish are added before the bacteria are present in sufficient numbers, then the levels of ammonia and nitrite will rise. When this happens the tank is said to be suffering from new tank syndrome. This can lead to fish stress or even death.
There are several brands of bacterial supplements readily available which are great for helping the fish tanks filter colonise with the bacterias required for filtration.
To install the second custom tank the same process was followed. Both tanks are lit by automated LED lighting which gives a realistic looking display.
We had great feedback from our client who also opted to further employ us to provide our on-going aquarium maintenance service in Cheshire. The tanks are monitored weekly for the next 4 weeks, after which, cleaning the aquariums commences once per month via an aquarium maintenance contract.
As part of our fish tank cleaning service we provide services such as;
• Aquarium cleaning
• Water change
• Filter clean
• Gravel clean and decoration replacement
• Water testing
• Livestock check and supply of fish food
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Custom In Wall Fish Tank Installed in Glossop

A recently completed built in wall aquarium installed in Glossop, Derbyshire.

In wall fish tank

To ensure its continued success this client has chosen to employ our aquarium maintenance service in Manchester.

This set up utilises a sump based filtration system including a water top up system. This automatically replaces water lost through evaporation. The tank has powerful LED lighting and circulation pumps, all controlled via IPad.

Aquarium Overhaul


Aquarium overhaul and re-design in Manchester of this bow front tank for one of our clients. The tank was completely stripped down and fully cleaned before the new decor was added consisting of white cobblestones and Talawa driftwood.